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Selasa, 15 Januari 2013

Loving You as always..

Aku jadi ngerasa bersalah guys, update status seperti itu, maafin aku ya guys. Love you, love you, Love you...

Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

Contoh hortatory exposition text

Menyambung postingan sebelumnya dari pelajaran pertama hortatory exposition text, berikut ini adalah contohnya.
Watch your Kids While Watching TV

Television becomes one of the most important devices which takes place in almost houses. It can unite all members of the family as well as separate them. However, is it important to know what your kids are watching? The answer is, of course, absolutely “Yes” and that should be done by all parents. Television can expose things you have tried to protect the children from, especially violence, pornography, consumerism and so on.
Recently, a study demonstrated that spending too much time on watching TV during the day or at bedtime often cause bed-time disruption, stress, and short sleep duration.
Another research found that there is a significant relationship between the amount of time spent for watching television during adolescence and early adulthood, and the possibility of being aggressive.
Meanwhile, many studies have identified a relationship between kids who watch TV a lot and being inactive and overweight.
Considering some facts mentioning above, protect your children with the following tips:
o    - Limit television viewing to one-two hours each day
o    - Do not allow your children to have a TV set in their own bedrooms
o   -   Review the rating of TV shows which your children watch
- Watch television with your children and discuss what is happening in the show

Contoh report text

Jika anda sudah membaca postingan sebelumnya dari http://ega-english.blogspot.com, maka ini adalah contoh dari report text yang dimaksutkan.

Contoh 1.

A kangaroo is an animal found only in Australia, although it has a smaller relative, called a wallaby, which lives on the Australian island of Tasmania and also in New Guinea.

Kangaroos eat grass and plants. They have short front legs, but very long, and very strong back legs and a tail. These are used for sitting up and for jumping. Kangaroos have been known to make forward jumps of over eight metres, and leap across fences more than three metres high. They can also run at speeds of over 45 kilometres per hour.

The largest kangaroos are the Great Grey Kangaroo and the Red Kangaroo. Adult grow to a length of 1.60 metres and weigh over 90 kilos.
Kangaroos are marsupials. This means that the female kangaroo has an external pouch on the front of her body. A baby kangaroo is very tiny when it is born, and it crawls at once into this pouch where it spends its first five months of life

Contoh 2.

What Is Thunder and Lightning?

Lightning is a sudden, violent flash of electricity between a cloud and the ground, or from cloud to cloud. A lightning fl ash, or bolt, can be several miles long. It is so hot, with an average temperature of 34,000° Centigrade, that the air around it suddenly expands with a loud blast. This is the thunder we hear.

Lightning occurs in hot, wet storms. Moist air is driven up to a great height. It forms a type of cloud called cumulonimbus. When the cloud rises high enough, the moisture freezes and ice crystals and snowfl akes are formed. These begin to fall, turning to rain on the way down. This rain meets more moist air rising, and it is the friction between them which produces static electricity. When a cloud is fully charged with this electricity, it discharges it as a lightning flash.

Silahkan anda pelajari selengkapnya tentang report text disini

Contoh news Item text

Menyambung pelajaran sebelumnya dari situs utama  cara mudah belajar bahasa Inggris, yang sebelumnya disana sudah dijelaskan mengenai pengertian, ciri ciri dan lain lain. Berikut ini hanyalah contoh dari news item text.

Contoh News Item Text 1 :
Town ‘Contaminated
Events Moscow – A Russian journalist has uncovered evidence of another Soviet nuclear catastrophe, which killed 10 sailors and contaminated an entire town.

Background Events

Yelena Vazrshavskya is the first journalist to speak to people who witnessed the explosion of a nuclear submarine at the naval base of shkotovo – 22 near Vladivostock. The accident, which occurred 13 months before the Chernobyl disaster, spread radioactive fall-out over the base and nearby town, but was covered up by officials of the Soviet Union. Residents were told the explosion in the reactor of the Victor-class submarine during a refit SMA Students’ Modul of English 24 had been a ‘thermal’ and not a nuclear explosion. And those involved in the clean up operation to remove more than 600 tones of contaminated material were sworn to secrecy.

A board of investigators was later to describe it as the worst accident in the history of the Soviet Navy.

Contoh News Item Text 2 :

Malaysian Women Suggested to Carry Condoms

Malaysian Deputy Health Ministry urged every woman to carry a condom to protect against HIV, a news report said. “This is not to debate them but to protect them. Women are the first ones to get exploited by their partners (whom are infected by HIV-positive)” Abdul Latiff Ahmad was quoted as saying by Sunday Star Newspaper. “But this just a suggestion, it’s up to them”. Abdul latiff made remark to coincide with the International Aids Memorial day, which was celebrated openly for the first time in Malaysia, in id to reduce stigma for HIV-victim. In the past the event was held behind closed door.

Last year, 745 Malaysian women were identified as HIV-positive and 193 were diagnosed with AIDS, he said in the report. Officials have said nearly 81000 Malaysian have been infected with HIV, less then 10 percent are woman, but the number is steadily rising.

Malaysian Aids Council president, Adeebah Kamarulzaman, was quoted as saying besides sex workers, many women who contract HIV are housewives, were infected unknowingly by their husbands. “It’s not that people don’t know that condoms can protect them. But there are some men who don’t care to take precaution, even though they know they have HIV” she said.
·         Generic Structure of News Item Text
Dari contoh di atas, akhirnya kita tahu bahwa Generic Sturcture News Item Text terdiri dari tiga bagian, yaitu : 
Newsworthy Event :
Perhatikanlah paragraph awal dari contoh di atas. Paragraph 1 disebut Newsworthy Event. Newsworthy event ialah paragraph yang memperkenalkan latar belakang terjadinya sesuatu serta dimana sesuatu tersebut bermula. Lebih bersivat pendahulan. Tentuny, sebelum beranjak ke bagian inti, penulis harus memperkenalkan kepada pembaca mengenai situasi-situasi pendukung yang kejadian tersebut. (meliputi waktu, pelaku serta kejadiannya). 

Elaboration : 
Setelah mengetahui sekilas tentang kejadian yang menjadi pokok pembicaraan, pembaca akan dibawa ke dalam beberapa situasi yang biasanya menjadi supporting idea dari kejadian inti. Supporting idea ini dikemas dalam paragraph setelah newsworthy event yang disebut elaboration. Elaboration juga bisa berupa penyebab-penyebab dari kejadian utama.

Source merupakan kekhasan News Item Text yang tidak dimiliki genre teks lainnya. Karena News Item adalah teks berita, maka, perlu adanya sumber, baik berupa ahli, catatan para ahli maupun riset yang dilakukan oleh para ahli. Yang jelas sumber-sumber yang terkait harus memenuhi standarisasi pewartaan berita.

Untuk mempelajari lebih jauh tentang news item, silahkan anda lihat disini => Cara mudah belajar bahasa Inggris.

Kamis, 20 Desember 2012

gambar 2

gambar 1

Senin, 14 Juni 2010


Sebelum saya deskribsikan tentang isi dari apa yang saya tulis, saya mau ngasi tau dan bartanya. cinta dan persahabatan adalah satu wadah yang sulit untuk dipisahkan. keduanya bukanlah masalah status karena menurut saya pribadi status hanya berpengaruh nol koma sekian persen jikadi interpretasikan kedalam arti cinta dan persahabatan. Cinta tidaklah harus memiliki dan persahabatan haruslah mencintai. cinta dan persahabatan sangatlah berbeda jika di lihat dari segi perbandingan,, tapi juga terdapat kesamaan - kesamaan di dalamnya, yang begitu abstrak untuk dituliskan dan dilukiskan. Jika kita meniliknya dari segi status,Poin pertanyaan saya adalah lebih memilih mana antara (1) "Dia mencintai kita tapi kita tidak mencintainya" dan (2) "Kita mencintainya tetapi dia tidak mencintai kita"?. Suatu obsi yang kebanyakan orang menilainya dengan tanggapan negatif,, jawaban yang sering muncul adalah "golput" atau enggan memilih dengan alasan pilihannya sama sama tidak seperti yang diharapkan. personally, saya akan merangkap semuanya dengan argumen yang berbeda.
Disini saya akan menceritakan pengalaman pribadi saya yang menyinggung status, cinta, dan persahabatan yang masih berjalan hingga sekarang.


Tidak tau pasti kapan, dimana, kenapa, bagaimana saya mulai menaruh perhatian kepadanya.
Juli, 2008....
Hari pertama kali dimana saya menginjak halaman sebuah perguruan tinggi negeri. hari pertama mengikuti "ospek" saya merasa asing dengan llingkungan terutama dalam beradaptasi dalam bersosialisasi dengan masyarakat, teman baru dan lingkungan yang juga masih asing.